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په افغانستان کي تقوا، شخصيت او ميړانه اهميت لری نه نسل، او نژاد
(قدرت الله حداد فرهاد)

Afghan Millat Publication Dedicated to Mr. Haddad can be downloaded below.

Mr. Shams, Mr. Ziarmal and Mr. Haddad Peshawer, 1987.

Some of Mr. Qudratullah Haddad's Books. 

Why Was the Philosophy of National  History and Pashtoonwali republished?

By: Wali Haddad Farhad

    Due to high demand we have republished this book,"Pashtoonwali and Afghan National History" first published in 1992 and has since been


republished multiple times in different countries.  Due to high demand and Afghanistan's critical state, we are republishing the book that explains the Pashtoon or Afghan codes of ethics. Some of these codes are practiced in Pashtoon and non-Pashtoon areas within Afghanistan and on the other side of the Durand Line.  It is important to understand Pashtoonwali and how scholars have practiced it and elders for centuries to settle disputes, solve social problems, address political, economic, and other issues. .


Prominent Afghan nationalist passes away

PESHAWAR: Veteran nationalist, former head of the Afghan Millat Party and noted writer and political analyst Qudratullah Hadad Farhad passed away after protracted illness in Virginia, United States. He was 80. Born on October 1, 1930 in Kabul, Qudratullah Hadad Farhad was the brother of Ghulam Muhammad Farhad, founder of the Afghan Millat Party. He worked for different magazines including Anees, Pameer and Iqtesad. He was appointed editor of the Afghan Millat magazine in 1966. He also served in the Afghan Red Crescent. He was jailed during the communist Saur Revolution in 1978 and migrated to Pakistan after remaining behind bars for 18 months. He migrated to the US after residing in Peshawar for several years. Besides being a prominent writer, the deceased was also a historian and wrote numerous articles on the history of Afghanistan. He had deep study of the ongoing situation of Afghanistan and was regularly contributing to the Pashto language newspapers and websites.

محترمو ملګرو

څنګه چه خبر یاست د تېرو څو میاشتو راهیسې له بده مرغه د (افغان ملت) د ګوند د غړو په منځ کښې بعضې سیاسي پرابلمونه رامنځ ته شوي دي.
د حداد فرهاد د کورنۍ په استازیتوب ، موږ تل د (افغان ملت) د ګوند د اصلي - ملي شعار یعنې د یوه خپلواک ، په ځان بسیا او لوی افغانستان ترڅنګ ولاړ يو او افغاني ناسیونالیزم تائیدوو. اوسني حالت ته په کتلو سره زموږ ټولو افغانانو دنده باید دا وي چه اوسني ناورین حالت او وینو تویولو ته د پای ټکی کښېږدو.

لکه څنګه چه زموږ مشر تره (غلام محمد فرهاد) فرمایلي وه: زه هغه څوکۍ او مقام نه غواړم چه د یو انسان د ژوند په بیه لاس ته راسي، حتی که هغه انسان د جرم په ګناه محکوم هم وي.

په اوسني وخت کي چه ټولنیزي اړیکي د انټرنیټ په ذریعه خورا چټکې او په بیړه له یوه ځای نه بل ځای ته رسېږي ، بعضي کسان ددغه حالت نه په استفاده سره غواړي چه د (حداد فرهاد) له نوم څخه ناوړه او په خپله ګټه استفاده وکړي. موږ دا په ټینګه وایو چه دا کسان زموږ د کورنۍ استازیتوب نه کوي، مګر دا چه زموږ په ویبپاڼه کښې د هغه پخلی شوی وي. زموږ ویبپاڼه ده:
ولي حداد فرهاد

Haddad Farhad Cultural Center

Haddad Farhad Cultural Center formerly known as Afghan Educational Bridge (AEB) was established in 2011 to assist the less fortunate in Afghanistan.  Our Goal is to assist with education, even if it's one student at a time.  Our projects include:

  • Installation of over 20 water pumps in the Kabul and Wardak regions between 2011 and now. 
  • Running a school in Kabul for less fortunate children by providing materials, teacher salaries, and structural renovations to the building between 2011 and 2013.
  • Sponsoring a widow and her four children, so that her children, including two girls are able attend school. (Upcoming)
  • Providing medical school expenses for two female students in one of the southern  provinces. (Upcoming) Seven students were sponsored by a different organization there are 11 more students left that could use help.
  • To view photos or donate,

Mr. Qudratullah Haddad Farhad.

Afzal Khan Lala with Mr. Qudratullah Haddad Farhad in Kabul about 40 year ago.

Peshawer 2014 Mr. Sirat from SCPRD presenting Pashtoonwali Book  written Mr. Haddad Farhad to Afzal Khan Lala, that was recently republished.


About Haddad Farhad Website!

     Haddad Farhad website contains two types of information.  The first section is about Qudratullah Haddad Farhad's life and legacy. The second section contains information about other Farhad family members.  The site makes available pictures, videos and some publications from the Farhad family.

د حداد فرهاد ویب پاڼه

Dear Friends,

 As most of you may know there has been some issues within the Afghan Millat Party in Kabul in past few months.  On behalf of Haddad Farhad family we stand by the original principles of the party, independent, self sufficient and Loy Afghanistan.  We support the ideology of nationalism,   At the current situation our goal as a nation should be to stop the bloodshed across the country.

As my uncle Ghulam Mohammed Farhad stated I do not want to come into power with the cost of one human life even if that person is guilty of a crime.  With the social media and internet people may use the Haddad Farhad names in their interest unless a statement is posted in the official website then they are not representing us our website is

Wali Haddad Farhad